Angiodroid won the X edition of Gaetano Marzotto Company Prize


Angiodroid won the X edition of Gaetano Marzotto Company Prize

Angiodroid wins the Company Prize as the best innovative company with the ability to generate significant positive effects in the social, territorial, cultural or environmental areas. Angiodroid doubles, also winning the special prize Unicredit Starlab, entering the Unicredit project to support young entrepreneurs, innovation and new technologies.

Here is an excerpt from the award ceremony, from the words of Diana Saraceni, president of the jury:

In a year like this the whole world has stopped due to a virus, and that only thanks to innovation, for example linked to the world of diagnostics and treatments for viral diseases we have managed to continue living, the world of life sciences could not fail to have a special place in the hearts of all the jurors. We met a company that has already conquered the European market and is preparing to conquer that of the United States and which brings all this thanks to the partnership made by an entrepreneur with some funds of investments that play a key role in launching startups.

We report the words by Sebastiano Zannoli, founder and CEO, during the award ceremony:

Angiodroid is the innovative SME that invented the first and only automatic carbon dioxide injector as a contrast medium in peripheral angiography, avoiding the complications related to the use of iodinated contrast medium in patients with renal insufficiency. Angiodroid injector is already used in more than 500 hospitals around the world and has obtained 32 international certifications in addition to the CE marking, necessary for access to the European market.
The next challenge is represented by the entry into the US market, which represents for over 35% of the global market. Winning this challenge does not only mean opening new markets, but above all confirming ourselves as a leading company and reliable partner for all doctors who use our technology every day. We would like to thank Margherita Marzotto, Diana Saraceni, the Marzotto Prize group and the commission of the Start Lab Special Prize for recognizing the value of our company and the concreteness of our project.

Posted on 01 Nov 2020