We have gained leading-edge expertise in therapeutics and diagnostics, supporting companies from early stage through clinical trials and exit. Our network of partners, advisors, industry leaders and co-investors spread across Europe, United States and Asia. We love working with physicians, for patients

CardioVascular Diseases (CVD) are the global leading cause of death, with urgent and unmet medical needs. As research improves, investments increase: with over $200B, this market has became one of the larger areas of growth in healthcare. Devices consistently account for the largest share of hospital and medical goods spending, typically above 20% in developed countries. Cardiovascular new investments attract the highest share of new venture capital deals and big exits.

Innogest has gained unique experience in this field and aims for global excellence. We partner with the most clear minded, intellectually honest, clinically savvy cardiovascular personalities worldwide. As investors, we invested in 25+ companies, mostly in CVD, and we funded the very first european incubator fully focused on cardiovascular innovation in Europe (CV Lab, the European Cardiovascular Incubator of projects that begin in the research of clinic). As entrepreneurs, we built companies with exit values of about $1.2B, all in CVD. As physicians, our scientific advisors led over 1,000 key clinical studies in CVD, of which over 180 were pivotal studies for products that make the difference to patients.

«Over the past couple of years, Innogest has been one of the most active investors in medical devices, regularly making lists of the top 10 global investors in terms of number of deals done—a track record even more remarkable given that it only invests in cardiovascular companies. Moreover, those deals are spread across a range of investment stages.»

David Cassak, Innogest and the Virtues of Focused Investing, MedTech Strategist, Vol. 6 n° 3, February 2019