Non-consideration of negative impacts on sustainability

Non-consideration of negative impacts on sustainability

As part of its investment process, Innogest SGR S.p.A. does not consider the main Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) risks for the following reasons:

  • there are still interpretative doubts regarding the methods of applying the risk indicators;
  • the Alternative Investment Funds currently managed by Innogest SGR S.p.A. do not have ESG strategies, compliant to the current legislation.

Innogest SGR S.p.A. has in any case identified excluded investment sectors which could have negative impact on ESG risks.

For the same reasons, Innogest SGR S.p.A., as a participant in the financial markets that employs less than 500 employees directly at the closing date of the 2019 financial statements, does not consider the main negative effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

Innogest SGR S.p.A. is currently providing, for alternative investment funds in marketing period, that it shall commit to investing responsibly which shall include:

  • recognising the importance of the UNPRI Six Principles for Responsible Investments;
  • incorporating ESG into its investment analysis and decision-making processes; and
  • using commercially reasonable efforts to maintain and/or introduce appropriate ESG strategies to the management of the portfolio companies.

The current remuneration policy takes into account, when identifying and assessing the performance parameters, all the risks that may affect the aforementioned parameters, including sustainability risks. The possible occurrence of such risks is also taken into account in case of ex-post adjustments. On the other hand, it was not considered necessary, at present, to identify specific performance indicators linked to ESG objectives.

This declaration has been issued on 10th March 2021, has been updated on 14th May 2021 and will be further updated in case of substantial changes.

Following the clarification of the relevant interpretative issues, Innogest SGR S.p.A. will re-evaluate its position in relation to the definition of due diligence policies aimed at considering the negative effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors and will evaluate to update the website accordingly.