15 December 2016 |

PODCAST: Exploring the Berlin startup scene with Björn Schäfer

Bjoern W. Schaefer is Innogest’s venture partner in Germany. In this conversation, hosted by our partner Michele Novelli, Bjoern explores the specificity of the growing innovation ecosystem in Germany and the liveliness of Berlin in terms of opportunity for a startupper. Berlin is one of the most exciting hubs in Europe right now, because a lot of things are coming

15 November 2016 |

PODCAST: Bill Brody and the laws of physics of medical startups

Claudio Giuliano hosts a conversation with William R. Brody, four time medical entrepreneur, former president of Johns Hopkins University and Salk Institute, one of the most respected players at the crossroad of medical research and industry and a great coach for Innogest's startup in the medtech field

25 October 2016 |

PODCAST: Rick Belluzzo and the opportunity to take feedback

In this conversation with Claudio Giuliano, Rick Belluzzo retraces his career as a long time executive inside big companies that made the history of technology, such as HP and Microsoft, and reflects on how innovation and entrepreneurship has changed in the last decades