01 November 2020 |

Angiodroid won the X edition of Gaetano Marzotto Company Prize

Angiodroid wins the Company Prize as the best innovative company with the ability to generate significant positive effects in the social, territorial, cultural or environmental areas. Angiodroid doubles, also winning the special prize Unicredit Starlab, entering the Unicredit project to support young entrepreneurs, innovation and new technologies. Here is an excerpt from the award ceremony, from the words of Diana Saraceni,

16 July 2015 |

Innogest, Zernike Meta ventures and IAG closed a € 1.5 million second round investment in Angiodroid

MILAN, JULY 16 2015 – Innogest and Zernike Meta Ventures – through the fund Ingenium EmiliaRomagna – with the partners of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), have invested 1.5 million euros in Angiodroid, a start up that designs, produces and sells injectors which use carbon dioxide as contrast agent in angiography. This investment follows a previous funding round of 900.000 euros led by