Foodtech, closes a €2M Series A round


Foodtech, closes a €2M Series A round

MILAN, APRIL 17 2018 –, the innovative platform for catering professionals, has closed a 2 million euro Series A investment round led by Innogest and TAN Food with private investors Mattia Monti and Andrea Torlonia.

Founded in 2016 by Andrea Cova and Matteo Minardi, has reinvented the world of catering, introducing a service that supports the work of the entrepreneur. The kitchen, the driving force of the company in this business, now becomes a smartphone-friendly service, an ecosystem of intelligent tools designed to help customers in realising their ideas and concepts. produces and delivers ready-to-eat meals designed for fast food and high-quality semi-finished products for restaurants, hotels, catering and digital food delivery players. Every week new recipes are created with first choice ingredients inside five thematic menus, designed to comply with the needs of increasingly diversified consumers.

Orders are managed through an integrated system based on a mobile and desktop application that makes the choice and the customization of dishes very easy, speeding  production, reducing sorting times and allowing an efficient analysis of customer trends and tastes. Orders are received in real time, without day and time limitations. Delivery takes place by the morning of the day following the order, in time to serve dishes for the business lunch. Once the delivery is received, the customer is ready to service in less than two minutes. In addition to managing recipes and orders, the app provides easy-to-use digital tools for communication and menu promotion. is based in Muggiò (Monza Brianza) and is already active in Milan, Turin and Monza Brianza.

« was founded by restaurateurs and is designed for restaurateurs. We offer a high quality product: a quality often economically unsustainable for a good number of restaurants, that makes accessible by leveraging on large volumes. We provide the retailers, should they have or not a kitchen, an efficient workforce, investments in research and development of raw materials and new recipes, logistics that reduces the costs of storage of goods», said Andrea Cova, CEO and co-founder of

«’s team proved to be able to combine the talent of the chef with the power of an innovative and scalable platform. Offering bars, restaurants and hotels an economic, integrated and high quality alternative, has reinvented the catering services in a digital key and became a privileged actor in a market of tens of thousands of businesses. The solution of allows customers to focus on what is most important to them – the relationship with their host – thanks to the guarantee of a quality product. We are happy to support them in their xpansion on the national territory and to help them to lay foundations for the internationalization of the service», commented Stefano Molino, Partner at Innogest.

« is an innovative Italian excellence operating within an industry where Italy has the potential to acquire world leadership. A global transformation is underway in the catering market, similar in some ways to the one that redefined the large-scale retail industry. For us at TAN Holdings, embodies this paradigm that will radically transform consumers’ habits within a decade: the emergence of quality food outlets, with a relative homogenization of the offered product and consequent increase in the average quality. Andrea Cova is a winning visionary for us: he combines great knowledge of the market and of the product, with a successful business experience that goes with great dedication and work ethic. We are excited to participate in this deal, whose team expresses all the necessary ingredients for an adventure full of satisfactions», said Filippo Giovannini, CEO of TAN Food and of the parent company TAN Holdings. brings the professional kitchen to your smartphone. It produces ready and semi-finished dishes, and delivers them within 24 hours. Menu selection and order management is managed through a mobile and desktop app, wich also provides guidelines for menus’ promotion. Founded in 2016 by Andrea Cova and Matteo Minardi, operates in Milan, Monza Brianza and Turin.

Innogest is a venture capital firm founded in 2006 with offices in Milan, Turin, Geneva and San Francisco. It manages investment funds for about 200 million euros, with a focus in the digital and healthcare sectors. In the digital field, Innogest has a specific focus in foodtech, fintech and fashion-tech.

TAN Food is a division of the TAN Holdings Group dedicated to investments in the food sector related projects as well as to the development of own industrial concepts in the same field. As for all TAN Holdings initiatives, TAN Food aims to develop in-house skills in order to actively manage its subsidiaries, contributing with direct operational support from the whole group to the strategic address.

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