Innogest Graduate Program

We nurture the next breed of entrepreneurs

We strongly believe in young talents. We support them offering the chance to grow professionally, working side by side with the Innogest Team and the best founders in our portfolio. Here you’ll learn how to focus on your entrepreneurial idea and how build a successful company.

The Innogest Graduate Program has very limited positions per year and looks for outstanding candidates in two main areas of interest:

  • Medical, with specific interest for cardiovascular, neurology, oncology and medtech;
  • Digital, with particular focus in the foodtech, fintech and fashion tech fields.

The standard Program lasts 15 months:

  • 3 months of coaching at the Innogest Headquarters in Milan or Turin: you will shadow partners and analysts during their daily routine and receive weekly training session on key matters connected with venture capital, market analysis and digital marketing;
  • 6+6 months of fieldwork inside our portfolio’ startups, supporting their commitments and sharing their challenges.

In every stage of the Program, you will refer to a tutor that will oversee your work, support your needs and evaluate your progress. Please note that proactivity and initiative are considered fundamental.

Suitable candidates for the Graduate Program should show:

  • excellent and multidisciplinary academic curriculum;
  • full time availability;
  • severe organizational skills;
  • higher aptitude for entrepreneurship;
  • hard work and dedication.

Have you finished your studies? Do you have what it needs to became a next generation entrepreneur? Apply today, filling the application form below. Please note that only selected candidates will receive further notice from us and will be invited for an interview.