Uno sguardo al futuro del fintech (Innogest Daily)


Uno sguardo al futuro del fintech (Innogest Daily)


Future Food Accelerator, nuova casa per startup (innovative) del cibo
Le innovazioni legate all’alimentazione? A Bruxelles viene presentato Future Food Accelerator, il nuovo acceleratore nato dal Future Food Institute. L’idea, i progetti, le call in arrivo (StartupItalia)


Swiss Watch Exports Decline Amid Smartwatch Encroachment
Swiss watch exports posted their first annual drop in six years, hurt by slumping demand for less-expensive timepieces that are competing for buyers with Apple Inc. and other smartwatch makers (Bloomberg Business)


Hacktivist vs. cyberterrorist: Understanding the 5 enemies of healthcare IT security
According to Critical Infrastructure Technology report, cyber attackers can be categorized according to their target, tactics, techniques, malware and procedures (HelthcareITnews)


Predicting the future of financial technology
The ways we make purchases and conduct our financial business are changing every day and will continue to change perpetually as technology evolves (Mashable)


Why Apple shouldn’t be worried about the first ever iPhone sales decline
Don’t worry, it’s still making so much money (Techradar)

Posted on 27 Jan 2016