Startup e finanziamenti, siamo indietro ma c’è un’accelerazione (Innogest Weekly)


Startup e finanziamenti, siamo indietro ma c’è un’accelerazione (Innogest Weekly)


Startup e finanziamenti, siamo indietro ma c’è un’accelerazione
Claudio Giuliano (Innogest): “In Italia siamo a un decimo di quanto succede in Paesi come la Francia”, dice l’amministratore delegato del fondo di venture capital. “Bisogna agevolare le exit, in Borsa e con le acquisizioni. La soluzione non possono essere i prestiti delle banche” (EconomyUp)


Perché creare la community italiana sul food
Spinti dalla convinzione che il percorso innovativo intrapreso dal settore del cibo, in tutte le sue declinazioni, stia portando alla nascita di modelli e opportunità impensabili fino a poco tempo fa, crediamo sia arrivato il momento di unire le forze (Innogest blog)

The emerging and disappearing magical food tech startups
2015 was widely touted to be the year of foodtech startups. TinyOwl is a case in point. Founded by 5 IIT Bombay graduates in 2014, it managed to garner 27 million USD in funds from Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners and others, in just a few months


If Fashion Won’t Come To WearableTech
‘If fashion won’t come to WearableTech, WearableTech must come to fashion’ is what the visionaries in the design department of VSP Global must have thought when Google made their catwalk debut during New York’s Fashion Week back in September 2012 with the Google Glass(

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What’s the Difference Between a Hedge Fund and a Venture Capital Fund?
Both hedge funds and venture capital funds offer investors opportunities to make money. They share the same ultimate goal of generating the highest possible return through smart investments, but they have some fundamental differences that investors should understand (Fool)


Internet of things and Big Data are advancing Healthcare
Five billion.That’s how many devices are hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT) today. The industry has steadily grown over the past several years… as evidenced by the fact that three billion of those devices are consumer products(Wallstreetdaily)

Posted on 14 Mar 2016