Le startup italiane avranno successo (Innogest Weekly)


Le startup italiane avranno successo (Innogest Weekly)


After A Slow Burn, Italy’s Tech Startups Turn Up The Heat
Growth in Europe’s startup scene has been driven by the tech powerhouses of Germany and the UK, with countries like Sweden, Portugal and the Netherlands also gaining ground with their rapidly expanding tech hubs. Away from the main players, however, exciting stuff is happening in Italy (Forbes)


Frozen Food 3.0: The Future Of The Freezer Aisle
Frozen foods in general have been shown to have a variety of previously overlooked benefits (Food Tech Connect)


The Fashion-Tech Revolution Needs More Women
For new digital innovations in fashion and retail to resonate with female customers, women must be part of the technology teams that build them, argues Rebecca Minkoff (BoF)


Building an enterprise UX team
When I started working at my current company, there was no UX team. Suddenly finding myself a team of one—I’d spent the previous year at a Global Fortune 500 company that employed multiple international UX teams—motivated me to immediately start building (Invisionapp)


Vendor Landscape: Digital Asset Management, 2016
Cloud, Convergence, And Analytics Will Disrupt The Market (Forrester)


Posted on 04 Mar 2016