Just eat si prende PizzaBo (Innogest Daily)


Just eat si prende PizzaBo (Innogest Daily)


Cibo a domicilio, Just Eat compra Pizzabo: «In Italia mercato da 2 miliardi»
Just Eat continua il suo percorso di espansione tramite acquisizioni di startup nel campo della consegna di cibo a domicilio (Sole24Ore)


B2B And B2C – Behind The Fashion Tech
The fashion industry has become the new playground for tech and innovation (WT Vox)


Big data is transforming healthcare — from diabetes to the ER to research

The ability to monitor, record, analyze, and integrate information about human biology and health, at scales ranging from molecular interactions to disease prevalence in large populations, is transforming biomedical science and human health (EurekAlert)

#Venture Capital

The state of venture capital in 2016: “No longer growth at all costs”

Venture funding of startup companies has surged during the last seven years and is now back to pre-recession levels (Business Insider)


The Top 5 Trends for Startups in 2016
Over 600,000 new businesses were started in the UK last year, and Indian startups raised at least $5.6 billion in funding. Every year it becomes more apparent that Silicon Valley is no longer the only startup hub around (Inc)

Posted on 05 Feb 2016