Innovare: l’imperativo delle banche (Innogest daily)


Innovare: l’imperativo delle banche (Innogest daily)


Il foodtech nel 2016? Non sarà solo delivery
Nuovi trend stanno emergendo, anche grazie all’attenzione per il cibo salutare e nutraceutico (Innogest)

Organic, local, sustainable. But can startups make sure food is safe?
People want to know more about what they’re eating: Where does this food come from? (Chicago Tribune)


Sephora created an acceleretor program for female-led beauty startups
The beauty giant is going Silicon Valley (Fashionista)


Pharma companies turn to LinkedIn to engage (MMM)


Fintech threat has big banks looking to innovate

The nation’s largest bank, based in New York of course, is bidding for the title of the most farsighted bank in grappling with the latest challenge from that other center of cutting-edge American business: Silicon Valley (Insidesources)

Posted on 20 Jan 2016