Innogest Daily #9


Innogest Daily #9


Ag Tech could change how the world eats
Investors and entrepreneurs behind some of the world’s newest industries have started to put their their money and tech talent into farming with an audacious agenda (

La startup che trasforma il cibo sprecato in mangime per gli animali
Si chiama Save il progetto che trasforma frutta e verdura non più vendibili dalla grande distribuzione in un alimento ricco di proteine per vitelli e vacche (Wired)

Advances abound in the world of food tech
Food technology has become a buzzword lately , with next generation ingredients and techniques giving rise to booming areas of business (Korea JoongAng Daily)


11 Surprising Applications For The IoT In Healthcare, Retail, Agriculture, And More
From crop dusting to ingestible health sensors and food safety tests, the Internet of Things is doing much more than powering smart home appliances (CbInsights)


A Startup’s Guide To International Expansion
Startups can now reach international markets almost immediately at launch. (Tech Crunch)

4 Fundamental Principles to Getting Your Startup Acquired
Most startup founders hope they grow into a major global brand and achieve a great a vision for humanity (Tech.Co)

N.Y.C.’s unicorn club in 2016 could be smaller as venture capital tightens
Venture capital funding may get tighter heading into 2016 despite the fluffiness in valuation over the past year (New York Business Journal)


Wearable sensors market to hit $5.5bn 2025, claims research
The market for wearable sensors will reach $5.5 billion by 2025, according to the latest report from MarketResearchReport.Biz (Wearable Tech)

Posted on 23 Dec 2015