Innogest Daily #8


Innogest Daily #8


Food tech startups look beyond delivery

With investors keen to back ventures in this hypergrowth segment, several companies have received venture funding but have struggled to differentiate themselves in a crowded market (Times of India)

Advanced abound in the world of food tech
From 3D-printed bites to “smart farming”, it’s an edible revolution (Korea JoongAng Daily)

Pasticceri di tutto il web unitevi sulla piattaforma Sweetacus
Lanciato da un americano che vive in Italia da molti anni, il progetto punta a mettere in rete ricette, ingredienti, tecniche di preparazione (Corriere della Sera)

The use of drones may revolutionize agriculture
The use of drones (UAVs) in agriculture is a growing common practice, and it’s good results in terms of efficiency are confirmed both by farmers and researchers (IdeaGro)


Prestiamoci, due milioni di capitale in più per il prestito sociale
Il portale di prestiti tra privati Prestiamoci dà il via libera a un aumento di capitale di due milioni di euro (
Il Sole 24Ore)


This charger could be sewn right into your pants
A new titanium fiber technique may unlock the tech needed for clothes that can charge (Fortune)


“Our secret is simplicity” – Europe’s hottest startups share the secrets of their succes
The secrets of success aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, they’re even counter-intuitive (Forbes)

New Unicorn: The 42 startups that grew to be worth billions in 2015
2015 was a big year for private market tech companies and their valuations
(Business Insider)

Posted on 21 Dec 2015