Innogest Daily #6


Innogest Daily #6


Venture Capital Disrupts Itself: Breaking The Concentration Curse
Conventional investor wisdom holds that a concentrated number of certain venture firms invest in a concentrated number of companies that then account for a majority of venture capital value creation in any given year (Value Walk)

Startup 2015, è boom occupazione
Le occasioni di lavoro nelle giovani società hanno registrato un incremento dell’80% arrivando a quasi 24 mila posti. I dati contenuti nella Relazione al Parlamento.  Il ministro Federica Guidi: «Con noi un’accelerazione spasmodica all’innovazione» (Corriere Innovazione)

Five Keys That Every Investor Looks for in a Startup
Here are a handful of the things that most investors look for in promising startups. Which do you find most valuable, and which do you believe are irrelevant? (Inc)

2016 will be the year wearables disappear, says VC
New Enterprise Associates venture capital partner Rick Yang predicts that wearables will “disappear” in 2016 (CNBC)


È ufficiale: PizzaBo è stata comprata da Rocket Internet per 51 milioni
La società di ecommerce tedesca ha pubblicato i dati della semestrale dove si dà conto dei soldi sborsati per la startup bolognese. La valutazione del mercato reale e potenziale di PizzaBo è stata di 30 milioni (StartupItalia)

What’s Cooking in the Kitchen of the Future
Interconnected smart appliances, 3-D printers, and touchscreen controls are just a few of the technological tools that the next generation of home cooks will use to simplify food preparation, create customized meal solutions, and produce far less waste (IFT)


Connected bracelet
Sona is a brand new smart bracelet by Caeden, the makers of fashionable headphones and earbuds. This connected accessory works much like the other connected wrist wearables (Tech Style News)

A Fast and Flat Fashion World
Fashion brands now have to cater to customers who are constantly on the move (The New York Times)


For Designers, Learning To Code Isn’t A Yes-No Question
The former CEO of Berg explains why programming is just one way that designers ought to make sense of problems (Fast Company)

10 Key Design Trends For 2016 (And How To Make The Most Of Them)
The global design firm Fjord delves into the major ideas shaping markets next year (Fast Company)

Posted on 16 Dec 2015