Innogest Daily #5


Innogest Daily #5



Cibo a domicilio, cosa ordinano gli italiani (pizza, kebab e…)

La tradizione italiana al vertice col 43% degli ordini. Fra le pietanze più richieste kebab, involtini primavera e pizze. Roma, Pescara e Napoli le più tradizionaliste. Classifica del cibo a domicilio (StartupItalia)

From Cauliflower Rice to Cinnamon Water, Healthy Food Startups Dominate
Food Matters Live, the annual healthy food conference, took place in London this year and highlighted healthy startups (The Daily Meal)

Sourcing food ethically is a huge challenge for my startup
Yeah, Purple Carrots meals are vegan, but the way we source our ingredients is a work in progress (Fast Company)

Liberian online food delivery start-up survives Ebola crisis
Cookshop is an online platform that allows customers to order food from almost all major restaurants in Monrovia, the Liberian capital (How We Made It In Africa)



Big Pharma’s Bets: Where They’re Investing Across Digital Health, Biotech, And Medical Devices
Where Roche, Novartis, Merck and others are placing their private market bets (Cbinsights)

DirectTrust predicts the end of Meaningful Use
Interoperability, “freed” health data, patient engagement and data security among trends to watch in 2016 (FierceHealthIT)



Bitcoin Hits Highest Levels Since Late 2014
After a mostly boring 2015, bitcoin is making waves as the year ends by reaching new price heights (Tech Crunch)

Fintech, occhi puntati sulle 400 startup italiane
Un nuovo modo di concepire il business finanziario. Basta guardare ai dati relativi agli investimenti registrati nel 2014 per capire che il fenomeno del “financial technology” è molto più di una moda passeggera (Sole 24 Ore)

Here’s where Deutsche Bank thinks you should put your money in 2016
Deutsche Bank has set out its European investment strategy for 2016 in a note sent to clients on Monday (Business Insider)

Posted on 15 Dec 2015