Innogest Daily #3


Innogest Daily #3

Fare milioni con il take away: cinque startup che ce l’hanno fatta
Dal colosso Just Eat all’italiana Cortilia: le imprese di consegne ‘digitali’ che hanno raccolto finanziamenti milionari (Sole 24 Ore)

5 Reasons Your Business Plan Sucks and How You Can Change It
Most of you will have a business plan for your startup, as this document acts as the blueprint and roadmap for your company (Entrepreneur)

These technologies are shaping the future
Cloud computing has been named the technology most likely to shape the future, according to an IBM survey (World Economic Forum) Challenges Takeout Leader GrubHub
The e-commerce leader is expanding its Amazon Restaurants delivery business to the East Coast, with Baltimore its first city (

The Real Obstacle To Becoming A VC Is Financial, Not Gender, Inequality
Start your own venture firm. That’s the advice that one of the industry’s first female VCs, Kathryn Gould, gave to other women
(Tech Crunch)

Uber is now more valuable than Ford, GM, and a bunch of huge public companies
Uber is reportedly shopping itself to investors for another round of funding, and this time it’s seeking a valuation of $62.5 billion (Business Insider)

50 Most Innovative Companies
The Boston Consulting Group released its 10th annual listing of the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies this morning (Fortune)

Startups: How to Do a Pre-Mortem (and Prevent a Post-Mortem)
Doctors conduct postmortems to figure why people died. Entrepreneurs and their investors also often analyze why a product, service, or company died (Guy Kawasaky)

Posted on 04 Dec 2015