Innogest Daily #2


Innogest Daily #2

La rassegna quotidiana di notizie, articoli e approfondimenti tratti da quotidiani nazionali e internazionali scelti da Innogest:

Pechino, Kuala Lumpur e Varsavia: Le 10 città dove lanciare una startup
La classifica di un ricercatore americano fatta escludendo Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv e Berlino

Equity crowdfunding si cambia, in consultazione la nuova bozza di regolamento
Pubblicata oggi dalla Consob, propone la revisione delle norme relative all’innovativa modalità di raccolta fondi online. Si possono fare osservazioni e suggerimenti fino all’11 gennaio, dopodiché le regole aggiornate dovrebbero diventare operative

7 Costly Startup Traps Entrepreneurs Should Avoid
There is no shortage of individuals with great ideas. There is, however, a massive shortage of individuals who can execute on great ideas (Entrepreneur)

Slack Is Our Company of the Year. Here’s Why Everybody’s Talking About It
Stewart Butterfield has taken Slack from idea to software juggernaut in just over three years, entirely by word of mouth. What’s the secret to Slack’s phenomenal growth? It’s in the name (Inc)

a16z Podcast: Building Tech Startups in a Place Where Tech Isn’t Everything
The pod continues its U.K. road trip, meeting up with three startup founders — including one startup accelerator programme — to discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystem in London and more broadly the U.K. and Europe (

Should kids learn to code?
Swayed by tech evangelists, the UK government has put programming on the curriculum. But will kids really be left behind without it? (The Guardian)

Top Venture Capitalists Talk About the “Ego-Stroking” of Having a Unicorn Company
Ted Schlein and Randy Komisar, both partners at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, discuss bubbles, unicorns, and why entrepreneurs need to cut spending, now (Inc)

Preparing For The Technology Revolution Created By Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence will soon bring on another technological revolution, where machines may take your job and shake up the economy in the process. (Tech Crunch)

The Most Active VCs In The Internet Of Things And Their Investments In One Infographic
Many corporate investors and smart money VCs have placed significant bets on the Internet of Things industry, which is expected to see nearly $2B in funding through the end of 2015. (CbInsights)

Yahoo’s “seemingly permanent decline” : is this the end for the once-mighty firm?
Critics are charging once celebrated CEO Marissa Mayer with failing to pick a direction for the tech company, and questioning whether it can ever recover (The Guardian)


Posted on 03 Dec 2015