Innogest Daily #17


Innogest Daily #17


Dall’uso dei droni all’Ict: arrivano gli agricoltori 2.0
Emerge da uno studio di Nomisma secondo cui il 43% dei contadini è interessato ad utilizzare i droni e oltre il 95% usa quotidianamente Internet per gestire la propria azienda (Repubblica)


She makes the mechanical natural for wearables
From open-source coding to building biomimicry-inspired cocktail dresses, innovation engineer Karolina Cengija shows how a new generation of women are blending traditional training with self-taught skills to break new ground with wearable technologies (IQ)


New Entrepreneurship Program Focuses on Technology and Design
How do ideas go from concept to product to market? (Illinois Wesleyan University)


77 of 2015’s most interesting digital health quotes
There are a lot of ways to slice up a year’s worth of news coverage for a year-in-review, but one of the more fun roundups we do every year is the year in quotes (Mobihealthnews)

US Health Insurance Tech Funding Tops $1.2B In 2015
Spurred by mega-deals to Zenefits, Oscar and Collective Health, health insurance tech funding more than doubled 2014’s total (CbInsights)

Posted on 12 Jan 2016