Innogest Daily #16


Innogest Daily #16


Why this investor opened an online grocery store
Kishore Ganji, an electrical engineer who has done his MBA as well, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey when he started an IT service company in the US (Your Story)


Fit Bit stock continues to plummet as company moves closer to smartwatch industry
Fitbit is not doing well on Wall Street, with its stock value dropping 35 percent in the past week, and 10 percent today (Digital Trends)


Top Web Design Trends To Watch In 2016
Web design industry is an ever-changing space and there are many trends that come and go (Forbes)


Key sector using virtual reality technology
Infographic illustrating the top ten areas revolutionised by VR, from city planning and luxury cruises to collaborative engineering and advertising (Raconteur)


Healthcare in 2016: Eight Charts You Need to Follow the Sector
These are the charts that will help you keep up with the industry in 2016 (Bloomberg Business)

Posted on 11 Jan 2016