Innogest Daily #12


Innogest Daily #12

Rendering the Food of the Future
Anticipating a future of climate change and population growth, a group of artists cooked up renderings of more sustainable, meatless “meatballs” (Citylab)

Meal Kit Delivery Is Changing American Food Culture
Food guru’s new film “In Defense of Food,” reminds us to eat real food. Guess what? It’s happening (Epoch Times)

Fifteen Moments that Defined #FashionTech in 2015 (Slate)

Big Data Byte: A Beginner’s Approach to Analytics
David W. Bates, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital offers critical advice to organizations new to analytics and pondering an initial approach (Healthcare IT News)

8 Web Design Trends That Are Bound to Be Huge in 2016 
As more and more content continues to deluge the web, experts say that embracing a minimalist approach could help your website or app truly pop in 2016 (Entrepreneur)

Posted on 31 Dec 2015