Innogest Daily #11


Innogest Daily #11


We Tasted the Future of Food in 2015
We start off our odyssey back through the year in food technology with quite possibly the strongest advancement in the bunch (Munchies)

Foodpanda India lays off more than 300 of its employees
The local unit of Rocket Internet-backed online food ordering venture Foodpanda, has laid off more than 300 of its employees

These are the food technology headlines you’re looking for
As 2015 winds down, we start to think about all the new food technology news that 2016 will bring (Kitchology)


Explosion Of Technology Transforming The Way We Shop
We get a ripple of excitement when we think about how the explosion of technology has been transforming the way we shop (Fashnerd)

The future of wearables is normal clothes made smart
In the future wearables will most likely be simply known as just clothes (Racked)

Fashion and the future part one: How digital is changing the industry
Digital is transforming fashion, changing everything from the fashion week model to brand accessibility, says WGSN’s Global Chief Content Officer Carla Buzasi (WGSN)


2015 Was the Year of the Health Care Data Breach, But Cloud Sails Around the Storm
Earlier this year, the media warned the public that 2015 would be the year of the health care hack (MidMarket)

Mizzi: «Le mie scommesse? Empatica, digital health ma soprattutto l’Italia»
L’amministratore delegato di Invitalia Ventures punta sulla startup che ha creato un device medico (EconomyUp)


Il 2015 della mia Cocontest e la via italiana alle startup che c’è, ma quanta fatica
L’anno secondo la startup che ha partecipato a 500 Startup, convinto investitori, Intesa Sanpaolo, ma che è ostacolata dalla lobby degli architetti in Parlamento. Una storia simbolo per l’ecosistema italiano (Startupitalia)

Posted on 30 Dec 2015