Innogest Daily #10


Innogest Daily #10


The 2016 Fortune Crystal Ball
Fortune’s predictions about the events, people and ideas that will matter in 2016, in business, politics, technology and more (Fortune)

Why There Are No Farm-To-Table Unicorns
Simple food is complicated (Fortune)

UHI scientists propose ‘internet of food’
University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) scientists have been exploring the idea of the “internet of food” (Bbc)


Make your fashion tech intelligent – Cognitive Fashion
The current trend is now the fusion of both fashion and technology. Infact, fashion designers are now embracing the possibilities that technology can bring in, in order to create innovative new designs and to raise the bar in terms of functional design (Etretail)

Unmade: The London Start-Up “Publishing” Clothing On-Demand
For those in London this festive season, there’s a pop-up shop in Covent Garden worth taking the time to visit (Forbes)

Fashion meets technology: introducing wisewear
Wearables have come a long way, but when we look at what is coming for 2016, the market is completely changing (


Responsive Architecture in the Home
Two of the first questions that comes to mind are; in what ways will the home react to situations and the atmosphere and what do we want the home to be able to react to for a higher return on life? (Medium)


Tutte le startup fintech italiane in una mappa interattiva (StartupItalia)


Applications of predictive analytics in healthcare
Financial and clinical aspects of healthcare are inexorably intertwined under the broad umbrella of value-based care (Cio)


Le 100 prove dell’Italia che cambia
Com’è andato l’anno che finisce? Quali sono i segnali che fanno sperare bene per quello in arrivo? (EconomyUp)

Posted on 29 Dec 2015