Innogest Daily #14


Innogest Daily #14


How food-tech can make money?
We all know, the so called ‘food-tech’ is trying to create disruptions in the food delivery space (Entrepreneur)

How Maple Plans to Become Every New Yorker’s Go-to Delivery Option
On any given weekday afternoon, New York’s reception desk looks more like a conveyor belt for delivery bags from Maple (Grub Street)


3D printed jewelery inspired by a polyhedron geometric structure
3D printing house VOJD Studios sent their latest work down the runway with Swiss fashion brand Akris, showing their architectural 3D printed rings during Paris Fashion Week (Design Milk)

Mobile Wallets: Really Ready For Take-Off?
2015 was the year of the mobile wallet. But despite the fast take-up, the payment method didn’t quite take off (Fashion&Mash)


The Most Important Design Jobs Of The Future
Designer at Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, Ideo, Artefact, Teague, Lunar, Huge, New Deal and Fuseproject predict 18 new design jobs (Fast Company)


How Technical Safeguards Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches
By protecting from cyberattacks, hacking, phishing scams, and even device theft, technical safeguards can go a long way in protecting an organization’s PHI (HealthITSecurity)


Here’s why banks are obsessed with a technology that’s ‘becoming the new internet’
2015 was the year of the blockchain for banks (Business Insider)


Best of Ces 2016
By Mashable tech team (Mashable)

Pretty much everyone on Earth can now get Netflix
Netflix, already the global leader in streaming television, just launchedin 130 additional new countries, essentially covering the entire world except for China (Quartz)

The 53 startups that will be huge in 2016, according to venture capitalists
Who better to ask than the startup experts, the VCs that watch them, guide them, hear their pitches, and fund them? (Business Insider)

Posted on 07 Jan 2016