In difesa del food (tech) – Innogest Daily


In difesa del food (tech) – Innogest Daily


In Defense of Food (Technology)

I love food. I think about it at least 10 times a day, both as a consumer and as an investor. I wake up in the morning planning out my meals (Re-code)


China is building malls of the future that could come to the US soon

As the mall as we know it declines across America, a new era of shopping is emerging on the horizon (Yahoo Finance)


Digital health entrepreneurs learn the ropes


It’s Day One, Year Two, and nervousness is running neck and neck with excitement for the newest crop of medical entrepreneurs as they unpack backpacks and search for electric outlets for laptops (Houston Chronicole)

#Venture Capital

The Roadmap for Pitching a Venture Capital Firm

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While there is no definitive guide to raising money, there are tactics entrepreneurs can use to make their idea more attractive for venture funding (KPCB)


Vuoi aprire una startup? Punta su moda e benessere


H-Farm e Technogym pubblicano due bandi: 20mila euro per i vincitori del primo, 15mila per il secondo. Le esperienze di chi ce l’ha fatta negli anni scorsi (Wired)

Posted on 28 Jan 2016