R&D Photonic Engineer

Company MedLumics
Location Madrid, Spain


Education and experience:

  • Degree in Physics, Engineering (Optics) or equivalent (Master Degree).
  • Ph.D. or +5yr. research experience will be valued.
  • Experience in biomedical optics will be valued.
  • Fluent in English (ALTE-4/C1 or better).

Preferred skills:

  • Hands-on lab experience in optics laboratory, including measurement, testing and
    characterization methods.
  •  Experience with fiber optic technology, integrated optics, micro-optics, optical encapsulation
    and device packaging.
  • Knowledge of photonic simulation tools (e.g. RSoft, Phoenix).
  • Familiar with free-space optics design software (e.g. Zemax or CODE V).
  • Knowledge of microfabrication technology.
  • Knowledge of ISO 9000 processes.
  • Familiar with quality management.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Able to work efficiently, both independently and within a team.
  • Self-motivated, organized and diligent.

Job Description:

    This position takes care of development activities in the area of photonic design. Activities include participating in the whole design and development process of the company’s integrated photonic devices development, from simulation and optimization of components and system to laboratory work for characterization of the fabricated devices.

Main goals and task description

  • Design integrated optical devices for clinical use.
  • Set up device alignment, encapsulation and packaging processes.
  • Design of focusing optics for clinical scanners.
  • Set up a characterization and measurement laboratory for focusing micro-optics and flexible photonics.
  • Design and realization of optical setups for quality control.
  • Define and communicate design specifications to other R&D areas for reliable system integration.
  • Coordination with Quality department for R&D procedures.
  • Coordinate with engineering department for transfer to manufacturing.
  • Design and realization of optical setups for quality control.
  • Internal consulting in documentation, QC, customer support, regulatory approvals.

If you are interested, please send you resume to: careers@medlumics.com