Sales Manager

Company Empatica
Location Cambridge MA, United States

Deliver human centered solutions to drive innovation in clinical research.

At Empatica we support innovative clinical and academic research with our E4 product line. We are looking for a passionate sales manager to help grow our research product sales and manage growth in inbound interest. Empatica’s customers include some of the top innovators in life sciences, psychology, human computer interaction, and pharmaceutical development. It’s truly a pleasure to be interacting with this group and engage with them as they launch new research studies that are changing the way physiology research is conducted. Once limited to lab tests with wired instruments and desktop PC’s, we can now measure physiological stress and emotion 24/7 under real-world conditions with a watch! We’re passionate about advancing research in the healthcare industry to help improve lives, and are seeking candidates who share that passion and use it to drive the growth of our products and their careers.

Key responsibilities:

(1) Stay current on the the diverse clinical and academic research markets that we serve. This means, reading the latest literature and attending industry meetings at least quarterly. You’ll work with our team’s scientific leadership to hone your skills.

(2) Demonstrate leadership ability in efficient lead management and conversion. We’re still a small company and your ability to handle an influx of interest from numerous sources efficiently and effectually is a key to success in this role. Making use of existing Empatica systems and introducing time saving processes to the organization will be essential. Work with the operations management to optimize workflow.

(3) Lead qualification based on technical product expertise and need assessment. Our products are optimized for technical researchers, but of great interest to individuals with diverse skill sets. Mapping customer expectations to product features will help growth and reduce support burden. Align with Empatica’s customer success team to drive customer happiness.

(4) Support the company with market characterization and gap analysis. When customer expectations are misaligned with offerings, careful documentation of opportunity loss and market needs will help hone future product. Work closely with product management to optimize this flow of information.



4+ years of sales or professional experience in a technical domain or equivalent. A bachelors degree in a scientific field is highly recommended. Professional training and/or on the job experience in B2B Sales is a must.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal communications
  • Ability to learn quickly and communicate technical information (while knowing when to say “I don’t know”)
  • Experience with CRMs
  • Visual communications skills


  • Competitive salary
  • The position is based at our office in Boston. We have our HQ in Milan, plus an amazing beach summer office in Sardinia, Italy!
  • Free Lunch – yes, being in Italy, it’s something you should care about!
  • Organic Fresh Fruits
  • MacBook Pro
  • Flexible work hours
  • Free cookies, if you deserve them
  • Much more…

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